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Fewer Breakdowns by Maintaining Your Car

Insurance is a legal requirement for driving on British roads but with no claims discounts exceeding 75%, it pays not to claim. How can we make our cars less likely to break down?

Firstly, keep your car in good condition by servicing it regularly. It is potentially cheaper in the long term to do this instead of waiting until a mechanical failure occurs.

Check tyre pressures and the engine oil level regularly particularly before any long journey. It is also important to check the coolant. Cars can overheat when stationary in queues, even during the cold winter months. It is advisable to maintain the adequate coolant level and keep some spare coolant (antifreeze) in the car boot.

Consider your driving technique as gearboxes and brake pads are expensive to replace. Unnecessary breaking or excessive force used to change gear will greatly reduce the life of these vital car parts. More fuel will also be consumed and with several price increases in 2009 fuel is getting more expensive.

A surprisingly common mishap is running out of fuel or filling up at the pumps with the wrong type of fuel such as petrol instead of diesel. This can be expensive for diesel engines as it requires complete draining and cleaning of the tank. It is worthwhile keeping this in mind if you have just switched from petrol to diesel.

There may be times when you need to claim on your insurance policy. When renewing your car insurance, consider Kwik Fit who offer a 20% online discount and full glass cover as standard. Added benefits of Kwik Fit car insurance include a free MOT and 10% discount card for almost everything sold at Kwik Fit centres in the UK such as tyres, breaks and exhausts. Visit their site and get your car insurance quote today. Finally, remember that you

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