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Save Motoring Costs with Better Driving

The way we drive is often influenced by several factors such as rising fuel costs, environmental campaigning and even Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson. Latest research shows that UK motorists are trying to drive more economically and this has a friendly impact on the environment.

Petrol prices have risen several times in 2009 up to 105 pence per litre. Hitting motorists in the pocket has forced them to become better drivers as far as the environment is concerned.

Jeremy Clarkson was lost for words when he managed to drive from London to Edinburgh and back on one tank of petrol. Many people have followed his example and are now more conscious about their driving. As motorists drive thousands of miles each year, cutting costs is important.

Surveys show that nearly half of UK motorists are saving fuel by driving more smoothly with controlled acceleration and less breaking. A third of us are checking tyre pressures regularly as properly inflated tyres reduce road resistance and improve efficiency. Many motorists are also switching off the air-conditioning as this uses up a considerable amount of energy.

A cost saving misnomer is the cancellation of breakdown cover. This will result in financial loss if you do break down and need an emergency tow; the car transport cost will often be more than the cost of breakdown cover.

Car insurance is a legal requirement in the UK but many extras are optional such as legal cover, breakdown cover, windscreen cover and voluntary excess. In an effort to save costs, some motorists remove all optional extras and revert to basic insurance.

By shopping around for the best quote, it is often possible to have comprehensive insurance without spending more money. For instance, Kwik Fit Insurance offer a 20% online discount, a free MOT and a 10% discount card. The discount card can be used at any Kwik Fit centre in the UK. Savings are available on all products such as exhausts, tyres, MOTs and services. Visit the Kwik Fit site if you want to read more about cheap car insurance or request a quote.

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